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March 2, 2006

I Love WiFi

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I used to be skeptical about all of the little seasonal syndromes that popped up a few years back — still am a bit. But, I have to admit, I spent today working on the laptop out on the patios of a couple of coffee shops and at home soaking in the 75 degrees, sun, and breeze and I feel pretty good. Catapulted me right out my typical winter mope. At least until my typical Spring mope kicks in…

It was my first winter in the South since I was 8 years old, and I think I found it more depressing than a winter of being snow-bound in Wisconsin (which I’ve also experienced). It never really got cold here, but life went into total hibernation anyway.

Things came alive today.


March 1, 2006

Coffee Shop Etiquette: Rule #1

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Rule #1

I know everyone’s get their pet beef about various mobile phone faux paux, but I specifically want cell phones turned on vibrate in coffee shops. Cool ringtone (no such thing) or not, I don’t want to hear your phone ring. And once it’s on vibrate, if you need to take a call, answer it, tell the person on the other end to hold on, and then step outside to finish the call. Either that, or let it go to voicemail. I don’t want to hear your conversation. I am a pathological evesdropper — I can’t not listen to your conversation if you’re within listening range. So whatever you say, I’ll hear it, and I will remember it. Think about that…

Disclaimer: I’m writing this from Border’s right now, and forgot to
switch my phone to vibrate when I came in. Of course, my phone rang as
I started to write this… In my defense:

1) I don’t have a cute ring tone — it’s the default vanilla one
2) I was already sitting outside

So, I only broke one part of the rule. Sue me.

February 28, 2006

Damn You, Jobs…

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So I’m a fairly recent Mac convert. I owned a PowerBook a couple
years back, and always liked it, but couldn’t really fit it into my
Windows-based life. So, I sold it to my mother-in-law (@ 50% markup).

Anyway, I recently talked my employer into buying a Mini so we could
do some more testing for Macs (and he bought it — the Mini and the
excuse). I’ve spent a lot of time on the Mini recently, and have
really made it my primary email, web browsing, calendar, etc.
system. I really dig it. It’s not the most spritely system around,
but it does the job.

So, 3 weeks after I buy the G4 Mini, Apple releases the Intel CoreDuo
Mini today. Crap.

Living Office-less

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About two years ago, I had the chance to ditch my 9-5 and start doing some independent consulting. That dried up about 6 months ago, and I took a full-time job with one of my clients. At the same time, I moved 400 miles away from that client.

To make a short story long, I work completely officeless. Yes, I have an office set up in my house, but I find I can only work there a day or two a week. I go completely batty if I don’t get out, which is weird, because I am pretty antisocial.

So, I haunt coffee shops, and particularly coffee shops with free WiFi (although this is being written from $tarbuck$ at the moment because I got a free month on T-mobile).

I’m going to do a series on the coffeeshop-as-workplace. There’s a crapload of etiquette, technical, and productivity lessons I’ve learned over the last few years that I’d like to share with some of my officemates, who no doubt will not be reading this, but it’ll make me feel better.

Jumping on the bandwagon…

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I’ll just go ahead and start with an apology a disclaimer… I’m doing this as an outlet for the little rants and ideas I’ve got going on in my head all day long. If I don’t get these out of my head, I’ll go ape-shit.

So don’t expect any focus… There’ll be a post about the guy sitting next to me in Borders who has actually set up a full scale office and holds meetings and takes phone calls and gets pissed if someone takes his table. There’ll be posts about music, movies, technology, family, work.

Don’t expect any thematic continuity… This is for me.

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